Testing Integration with LiveWriter 2011

Big CatsStill in test mode…wondering if posting from LiveWriter will be successful. 

Meanwhile, how about a fun picture for a Friday afternoon.

Nice Kitty!

Nice, Nice Kitty!

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Working Out the Kinks

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Sailing the Islands

So much technology, so little time! 

Write once, publish many – so I am looking at how to integrate a blog with Facebook. Surprisingly, I still have my hair and things to look like they are coming together.  Who knows, before long I can stop with these generic posts for testing and actually put some REAL content in here.

Meanwhile, here is a shot of warm and sunny for all who might need a smile.

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To Blog or Not To Blog…

No, that really isn’t the question.

The question is should I completely pull out my hair trying to get my blog up and running. 

Well, you say, how hard can it be?  And so I say, it depends upon how much you have screwed up your blog design in the first place.  So now, we must add a bit of background and some color.  I have a very simple web design BUT I want everything to match.  (My friends know that, yes, I am a Virgo!).  So without much time to actually learn how to modify the templates, I jumped right in and customized the blog pages to match everything else.  And it was GOOD!

Then, alas, there was a NEW version of WordPress available.  No problem says I, I’ll simply do the update.  How hard can it be? 

Many hours later, I have installed and uninstalled and updated and re-updated all of the customizations that I had.  (Yes, I DID keep backups!) Even my iPhone is back connected.

So now, I suppose, I have no excuse for not updating this from time to time.

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