Random Musing on the Cloud 2014

Setup and configuration of a new PC.

What happens when your 5 year old desktop dies…time for a new machine.

Happy to report that it was not a hard drive failure so all files were salvageable .  Fortunately, having segmented media files on a separate physical drive turned out to be a real time saver.  Reloading iTunes and Lightroom then copying their respective database files and pointing to the existing media drive worked like a charm.

I was also able to recover necessary files in the interim and leverage my laptop.  This got me thinking about the cloud more and more.  My personal usage patterns are to access content from multiple locations and that means that more and more I am looking to cloud services.  Call me a late adopter but having those key files available everywhere regardless of what machine is turned on is a real life saver.

Now, if I could only find a way to move my TB+ of media (pictures & music content) to the cloud I would be a happy camper.  Right now it’s just not cost effective or time effective either (Carbonite for instance would take about 4 years to replicate my data and that doesn’t count any new additions. )

Well, this post is really just a test post to make sure my software was updated correctly.  So happy weekend to all and I leave with a “Happy Place” picture.


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